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Bangladeshi Khashir (Pathar) Jhol

The following is a traditional family recipe. It is tedious but worth trying. To get the real aroma of well-cooked goat you must go through the following long but fruitful process. Ingredients Goat Meat 2lbs (Medium or Small...

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Murgir Rezala

Murgir Rezala chicken-2lb. cornish hen, cut in medium pieces clove-4, cardamom-4, cinnamon 1/2″, red chili-5, whole white pepper coarsely ground-10-12, sour cream-1 cup, ginger 11/2″ (paste), keora water-as desired...

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Murgir Jhol

Murgir Jhol cornish hen-2 curd (beaten)-1 cup mustard oil-3/4 cup chicken tandoori massala-1/2 pack (according to respective taste) Onion-1(thinly sliced) garlic-5-6 cloves(chopped) ginger-1″(grated) clove-5 green...

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Mutton Biriyani

Mutton Biriyani This is my mother’s very famous easy to make Kacchi Biriyani recipe.. Enjoy! Prepare the meat, rice and potatoes all separately. Directions: Step 1: Preparing the Meat: Mutton 5 lbs Onion 2 big ones Ginger...

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Bengali Beef Keema

1) DEFROST 2lbs of Ground beef. 2) Wash the meat throughly. Make sure you drain the excess water out of it. 3) Chop 4 onions, take 4 table-spoons of oil (depending upon the person), and start cooking the onions on low heat. 4)...

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Pepe diye mangshor jhol

Pepe diye mangshor jhol This is one of my all-time favourites which reminds me of lazy sunday lunches back home. Ingredients: 1) Mutton (marinated in yogurt and a little garam masala) 2) Onions (2, diced) 3) Tomatoes (3 small,...

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Bandhakopi with Ground Turkey

Bandhakopi with Ground Turkey First of all, drain water from ground turkey – (this will automatically happen when you fry it, in this case defrosting on a skillet). Then add some Turmeric (holud guro) and Jeera powder to...

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